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Smiley hello from Kyiv to all our guests!
Our story is really simple! We are a young couple from Kyiv, we really love our nice city, and one day we decided to do something to show beauty of our home to everybody in the world.
Every day more and more foreign guest come to Kyiv and usually they really don't have enough info about "what to see?" or "where is something really worth to see it?". We tried to answer such questions and we tried to do it with a smile:)
We want to show you our city in the most positive way, and perception of smiley is the most suitable for it. Our work is something like smiley guide to Kyiv. We think about our work in the way of art and hospitality work. We tried to create beauty - that is art, and we tried to help you find most beautiful places in our city - that is hospitality.
Who we are - we are Oleksii and Tanya Golenko, we are really husband and wife, and really try to smile often:)

Our smiles names are: Veredunchyk (means naughty) and Varechka (from woman's name Varvara).
We've done all this work with our own hands: just two pairs of hands, eyes, hearts, computers and one photo camera. 

Video at the left and gallery beneath show how we do our work and some funny moments of this work:)
Smiley yours:)
Oleksii and Tanya

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