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Here is the full list of places to see in our beautiful city. It's a dozens of them and everybody can find the best one for himself: from amazing panoramic views to historical buildings from all ages of Kyiv history. If you have a short visit to Kyiv and want to see most important places to get impression of the city, than you can find "must see" places on the Home page in the bottom of it. Also places from Home page is a nice idea to start from them, even if you have more time and can visit more sightseeing. When you got deal with ones from Home page, you can continue adventure to our city on this page or using Smiley map. Places are the same in this list and on the map. Also we've created five walking routes to make your trips through the city even easier. You can find them under the "Smiley map" menu button. If you have a questions about picked places - we put some answers on FAQ page. Have more questions - write your message directly to us:) 

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