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Walking Route 3 - 8.01 km (4.98 ml) , Starts on Arsenalna square - Finish on "Dnipro" metro station

Starts on Arsenalna square near exit of "Arsenalna" metro (subway) station, go by the Ivana Mazepy street and soon you will see tube like building of "Salute" hotel on the Slavy square, take to the left on the square and cross the road by the walking bridge above the road with nice view, now you get to Memorial of Glory visit the flame and it's nice panoramic view spots, than through the park back to the street and keep going to the South, soon you will be at the entrance to Kyiv Pechersk Lavra - here you can spend about half of a day or even more visiting museums, churches and caves. After Lavra go to the South again and reach entrance to Museum of the Great Patriotic War wit it's nice grounds and view spots, don't forget to visit The cup "Flame of Glory" and then go down by stone stairs in the direction of Dnipro river, after crossing highway you will reach park on the embankment go to the North and you will soon see Monument to the Founders of Kyiv. After visiting monument you can keep going to the North by Embankment of the Dnipro (Dnieper river) and look at Graffiti on the embankment or you can go to bus stop at the highway and move by bus. In both cases you will get to Kyiv Metro Bridge where is "Dnipro" metro (subway) station on it. Go up to the station and have a nice view to the river from platform. This is the finish of this route.

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